Snow in the city

White out. Is it really a Flashback Friday if it was only last week? After a few days of very welcome sunshine, we’re back to views like this, even in the city!

It’s been a couple of years since we had snow in the city, and I must admit I haven’t missed it one bit! Still, it was kinda nice to watch the snow fall in great big flakes, and pile up in soft layers on our patio table and in the trees. It was even fun to walk out in it for a while, although it did get a bit wet later in the day. So I figured that this photo from last Friday when Brenda and I went snowshoeing up at Mt Seymour was quite appropriate, as the view in the city was very similar to this!


First snowshoe

Our turnaround point on the way to Mt Seymour. No marker poles, no obvious trail – we were going from memory and reading the terrain. I don’t know if I’ve ever broken trail on this route before 🙂 I don’t recommend this unless you know what you’re doing.

Brenda came to visit today and despite the awful weather, her and I went snowshoeing up on Mt Seymour. Of course, we still had fun even though we spent a good five minutes sitting in the parking lot debating whether to venture out of a nice warm car! It was mostly cold sleety rain, which stung our faces when the wind was against us. For a short time it did fall as snow, and hard enough to begin filling in our snowshoe tracks. We saw only a few others, some of whom clearly had backcountry experience and were enjoying the chance to be outside, though one group of cold, jeans-clad hikers wondered when the rain would turn to snow – we were only 50 metres from the parking lot and they already looked too wet to continue. I hope they turned around sooner rather than later…

I wrote up a short report and posted some pictures on Live Trails.

It felt good to get a hot drink at the end of the hike, followed by a hot shower and some comforting food once back home!