Mt Septimus

A floral path points to Mt Septimus

Along the final approach to Cream Lake we had this view ahead of us the whole time. The hike passed many small ponds and tarns which were just begging to be used for lovely reflection shots, but alas the breeze was enough to always ripple the surface. So I had to make do with a bed of pink mountain heather instead. Life’s tough, eh?


Becher to it

Not much of a view from Mt Becher today, but still a lovely hike through subalpine forest

It’s the start of our holiday and of course the sunshine by the coast gave way to clouds in the mountains. And not just any clouds, clouds at the perfect height to obscure the views. Still, we enjoyed the hike, and it reminded us how much we liked the terrain of the Forbidden Plateau. I attempted a few misty meadow shots but none really grabbed me. In the end I liked the simplicity of this view of tall trees and little people.

Della Falls

The lower cascades of Della Falls, taken almost exactly 10 years ago on my very first backpacking trip 🙂 After that, I was hooked!

Maria and I were invited on a 3-day backpacking trip to Della Falls by a friend of ours, to whom we are eternally grateful. Despite all the mosquitoes and the fact I ran out of steam part way through the day, those three days got us well and truly hooked on backpacking, and we just haven’t looked back since.