Garibaldi Views

Garibaldi views: the Table and the north face of Mt Garibaldi from the summit of Mt Price, taken on Thanksgiving 2012

I posted this because it’s a rainy grey Saturday and I wanted to see something nice 🙂

The summer of 2012 was long and dry, and we got out on quite a few backpacking trips. The last one of the year was to Garibaldi Lake on a warm and sunny Thanksgiving weekend. It really did feel more like summer. Like many destinations, Mt Price had been on our list for a while and we were happy to get to its summit and enjoy the incredible views. I usually say that Panorama Ridge has the best views in Garibaldi, but Mt Price is a close second, albeit at the expense of a much tougher hike; it’s not one for inexperienced hikers, which means it’s lovely and quiet, and we had this view all to ourselves.


A dozen years later…

Winter is coming… Garibaldi gets a dusting of fresh snow. Today is 12 years since I first saw this view 🙂

Sometimes things just line up right. Like yesterday’s fine weather and the fact that it was almost 12 years to the day that I first hiked to Elfin Lakes. I couldn’t resist organizing a hike to recreate that first trip – our first proper hike in BC (the Grouse Grind doesn’t count) and our very first hike with Wanderung. I remember feeling a little underwhelmed as the day was hot, the trail was hard and dusty, and we struggled with the distance: my feet were really sore by the end of the day. Twelve years of hiking in BC has me viewing this hike as being pretty easy these days – after all, a couple of years ago we backpacked up to the shelter (11 km) in 3 hours. At night. However, I have come to appreciate this trail more and more over the years for the gentle gradient and expansive views it offers compared with so many of the local trails.