A moment of colour

Last night’s sunset when the sun peeked under the clouds for a few short minutes before dropping below the horizon.

I’m sure I’ve commented on this before, but it seems to happen quite often in Vancouver that a grey day ends with a brief spell of intense sunset colour. We were walking back towards the car after a wander from Jericho to Locarno Beach when we noticed the sun had dipped under the cloud layer, lighting up everything around us a dusky pink. We walked down to the water’s edge, the tide just beginning to recede after peaking an hour earlier, and watched the waves lap against the shore, the white foamy tips of each breaking wave casting a fleeting mountain-like shadow on the wet sand which reflected the deep coloured sunlight, the underside of the cloud deck now lit up a fiery pink. So pretty.

I took a couple of dozen shots hoping to capture the right wave, but none really worked. In the end I liked this composition – though this version is cropped for the Instagram format, which weakens the line of the water that I had carefully placed across the image (in the full image the water’s edge extends to the bottom right of the frame)… Oh well. The original will go up on Flickr at some point!



Listening to Oysterband at Vancouver Folk Music Festival πŸ™‚ 🎼🎸🎻

I was too cheap to buy a day or weekend ticket to the festival this year, so we hung out on the logs at Jericho Beach to catch one of our favourite folk bands, Oysterband. A very pleasant way to spend an evening!

Ruler of the Roost

Ruler of the roost

Another photo from our sunny beach evening, this time a heron that landed on a post near the Jericho pier. I liked the light, the calm water, and the fact that the heron looked taller than any of the high-rise buildings in the city skyline πŸ™‚