Top of the Mountain

The End. Good movie, a well paced build-up before a heart-pounding climax with some beautiful scenes! Would watch again.

Some people manage to come up with great captions for their photos on Instagram. Some post meaningful statements, or pose questions to ponder. Me? I end up usually just describing what’s in the photo 🙂 But this more playful take on a description of the hike up to the top of Hollyburn came to mind as I typed the first words, The End, which were mostly about the crossed poles indicating the end of the marked trail. Indeed I have enjoyed “watching” this hike many times now. I can’t say that for any film…


Tree family

Snowy tree family – another photo from our Christmas day snowshoe up Hollyburn.

Sometimes you see something and can instantly recognize that it’s a square photo. As I framed this shot I could see that the group of trees could be isolated and placed them with just enough sky above and snow below to complete the picture. I like the way the trees appear to be interacting with one another. I saw a photo on Instragram recently where the photographer thought the same, a small group of trees all leaning in and appearing to be deep in conversation. It’s the weight of the snow that does it, bending over the tops of the trees (and sometimes much more). I’ve been caught in the spring many times by trees shedding their snow and springing back up to surprise me 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a fun festive season!

A sunny Christmas morning, and the only chance to get out in the snow all week. How could we refuse? We made an early start (at least by our standards) and enjoyed a peaceful wander up to the summit before heading back home to catch up with family on Skype (showing them some of the photos from the morning’s expedition) and then enjoy a lovely Christmas dinner with friends. A good day, for sure.

The Lions

Obligatory shot of the Lions from the summit of Hollyburn.

Mt Seymour is a more interesting hike, but Hollyburn has its appeal. It’s shorter, with a little less elevation gain, and today it was even quieter. It really feels like most people are leaving the winter sports behind and thinking ahead to the summer, which suited us fine. The nice thing about the view from the top of Hollyburn is this in-your-face view of the Lions, and it was nice to look over and think back to our hike over to them that we did last year. Now that’s got me looking forward to the summer myself!


For all of us who missed Throwback Thursday, there’s always Flashback Friday! Today I dug back into the archives for a photo taken a decade ago, almost to the day. We were new to snowshoeing and loved getting out into the snow at every opportunity no matter the weather. I never thought it would happen, but these days I’m a bit of a snow snob, and won’t go out if I think it’s not going to be good snow. Snowshoeing has also become so popular on Vancouver’s North Shore mountains that I find it way too busy up there now and the fun has gone out of it. If only I were a morning person so I could get up early enough to beat the crowds…

Some things don’t change: the whisky jacks are still as cute as ever, and are always on the lookout for food. But over the past 10 years I think that ravens have become less timid, have muscled in on the whisky jacks’ action, and are now more likely to be the ones stealing your food when you’re not looking. Keep your food close to you, and your backpacks closed, lest they make off with anything colourful – I know someone who lost their microspikes to a raven looking for food!