No ordinary bunny

Not saying it’s cold in Canada but I just saw the Easter bunny…. Well OK I admit it – this photo was actually taken one February a few years ago 🙂

Every winter we see the evidence of their existence – quartets of paw prints in the snow – but only rarely have we seen them. Our best encounter was this one while cross-country skiing at the Whistler Olympic Park back in 2009. I guess it hadn’t really worked out that it had a dark background behind it as it just sat there was as long as we wanted to take photos, presumably thinking it was well-camouflaged against the surrounding snow. I don’t think it moved a muscle until we skied off. Very cute!


Easter snowshoeing

Mini eggs on Mt Seymour 🙂 a fine way to wrap up the Easter weekend

We celebrated our first Easter in the snow way back in 2006 with a trip up to the summit of Hollyburn to continue the tradition of roll eggs at Easter. I used to venture out into the New Forest with my family to hide, find, and then roll painted hard-boiled eggs. It’s much easier to skip most of those steps and use a couple of chocolate eggs, which are much tastier!

This year we had a bag of Cadbury Mini eggs – unwrapped, so not suitable for rolling anywhere except straight out of the packet into your hand and thence eaten – and we headed to Mt Seymour instead as it has better views.

Actually, now I come to think about it, the first time I encountered snow at Easter was for a family visit to Scotland back in 1984 or 1985…