On a wing…

I have a soft spot for flickers (well, pretty much any woodpecker really), so I was pretty chuffed to get this shot of one spreading out its wing, beautifully backlit by the afternoon sun, in a nearby tree-top.

OK so this is one of those photos that I was really happy with at the time but I find painful to look at these days. The image quality is just awful, and it’s just so obviously taken with a small-sensor compact camera. The chromatic aberration, the sharpening haloes, the highlight/colour response – yuck!

Having said that, I was so delighted to get this shot, to see a flicker close enough to photograph and especially to capture that moment where it spread out its wing, catching the afternoon sun to show off the lovely red feathers. It’s the memory of this shot and what it evokes that I’ve come to appreciate, more than the photo itself. I’m sure that’s a feeling many photographers have experienced!


Spotted! A spotted towhee makes a rare venture out from the safety of the undergrowth. This should have been yesterday’s Throwback Thursday but I forgot, so it’s today’s Feathered Friday instead 🐦

These birds are notoriously shy and although they often venture out into the open, they quickly dart back into the undergrowth as you approach. It took me a few years to associate them with the cat-like mew of their call, and of course now I hear it often. So I was pleasantly surprised when this one hopped out into full sun to scratch through the leaves on these steps. It had made a first tentative visit but sought the safety of the bushes as I got closer. I stopped still and zoomed in on where it had been, hoping it might make a return. And so it did, and I was ready.

Grouse chick

Cute little ruffed grouse chick, the only one left in the brood by the looks of it

We were hiking up to a viewpoint above the basalt columns at Easter Bluffs when we came across a mother grouse and her lone chick. Grouse usually have a brood of half-a-dozen or more, so something clearly didn’t go right for this little bird. The basalt columns were impressive, if very hard to photograph, though our enjoyment was tempered by the incessant mosquitoes. I couldn’t wait to be done hiking that day!


Pretending to be not interested in my trail mix

After watching the sunrise and moonset I went for a little hike up to Black Mountain. At the northern summit I was joined by a raven that sat on a rock and preened itself, all the while doing its best to look like it was ignoring the fact I was scoffing a few handfuls of trail mix…