Not a waterfall but flowing water nonetheless – some soft wave action from a glorious couple of minutes at sunset a few weeks ago.

This photo was taken the same night as this one when the sun broke through the clouds only moments before sunset. I was captivated by the gentle wash of the waves and the reflection of the pink light on the wet sand, which gave me the idea of taking a photo with a long-enough exposure to blur the waves and give the viewer a sense of that motion. It took many attempts as I did not have a tripod, plus I had to wait for the right combination of waves and wet sand. But eventually I got one that was more or less exactly what I had in mind (indeed, this was one of those rare photographs that I actually envisioned before I took it). To top it off, the contrast between the blue water and the pink reflection is just lovely to my eye.

Long shadows

Thursday again already? This is probably my favourite photo from my picture-a-day project 5 years ago. I ran down the steps to the beach, knowing I might miss sunset but hoping for some colour, and was greeted by this gorgeous light. I only managed to get half-a-dozen before it disappeared. I think this was the first shot I took too 🙂

The full story behind this photo is here. I still don’t think I’ve witnessed a sunset like this one where the light cast such long shadows from the pebbles embedded in the sand. And the colour too – so orange!


King of the worm-cast castle

King of the worm-cast castle #rathtrevor #wormcast #beach #lowtide #crab #tidepools #explorebc #bcparks

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Since buying a Chromecast, I can no longer think of worm-casts in the same way as I used to…

I tried to capture the crab while it was still actually on top of the wormcast but it scuttled off as I crouched down to take its picture, and instead just stood guard at the base. Another pool of water on the beach, another irresistible reflection photo!

A Very Vancouver Evening

A very Vancouver evening

A sunny evening, low tide at the beach, and the city skyline – pretty much sums up summer evenings in Vancouver, even when it’s not yet summer 🙂 I really liked the reflection of the rocks in the pools and I found myself wondering how those rocks got there – were they glacial erratics? Could be…

Beach love

A Valentine’s Day greeting on the beach.

A Valentine's Day greeting on the beach #beachlove #blackiespit #beach #crescentbeach #shell #clam

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I’d seen many great bird photos that had been taken in Blackie Spit park so I thought I’d check it out myself on a dull, blustery Valentine’s Day. I saw a couple of eagles out on the mud flats, and an armada of unidentified dabbling ducks, but that was about it. I guess – like many “good” birding spots – it’s not that the birds are always there, and getting a good photo requires being in the right place at the right time. Walking back along the beach towards the car I spotted something bright and colourful on a log, which turned out to be a painted clam shell above. I thought it was an apt message for the day, and much easier to photograph than a distant bird.