Mud, glorious mud!

It’s what hiking boots were made for, right? Plus trekking poles are great for checking mud depth before committing πŸ™‚ Good things to have for classic North Shore trail conditions.

I’m always trying to think about contributing a post for Leave No Trace Tuesday on Instagram, and this struck me as a good one to talk about given how the popularity of the trail to St Mark’s Summit has increased with the rise of social media. So many hikers do not wear footwear that can deal with these conditions, instead often decked out in light runners (trainers, as we’d call them). In turn this means people will try and skirt around the mud, often forging a new trail which will eventually get just as muddy. For years I’ve tried to set an example by walking through muddy sections – usually picking my way over rocks and/or bits of wood – but it doesn’t seem to be catching on.

Alas there were no views from St Mark’s today – the good weather in the forecast was a few hours late!


A New View

Recognize this peak? It’s the Chief as seen from the Sea to Sky Gondola – coming down, of course! πŸ˜‰

One thing I really like about the Sea to Summit Trail is coming down on the gondola, and getting this great view of the three peaks of the Chief. The route to each peak is so clearly laid out from this angle.

From Sea to Summit I

Sky Pilot and Blueberry wheat rewards

It’s been a couple of years since we hiked the new Sea to Summit Trail so we thought we’d try it out again to see how it’s faring. Mostly OK, but there are parts of the trail that definitely need some TLC. Even on a dry day it was quite muddy which will cause many people to go around the mud, further widening the mess. Sigh… One thing that had remained the same was the great view from the patio, a superb place to sit and savour a well-earned beer!


Listening to Oysterband at Vancouver Folk Music Festival πŸ™‚ 🎼🎸🎻

I was too cheap to buy a day or weekend ticket to the festival this year, so we hung out on the logs at Jericho Beach to catch one of our favourite folk bands, Oysterband. A very pleasant way to spend an evening!

Firey Friday

It’s Friday, must be time for another pretty Vancouver sunset

It takes a good sunset to inspire me to wield the camera these days, but the weekend of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival is usually graced with at least one. It’s Friday, and we have some lovely rays lighting up some mid-level cloud. Vancouver summer at its best.

Needle Peak

Needle Peak as seen from the area commonly known as the Flatiron. Flashback-Friday to the second hike on which we took our shiny new digital SLR, back in July 2009. As soon as we’d taken it on a couple of hikes we found ourselves wondering why we hadn’t bought one sooner… We’re still using it too πŸ™‚ πŸ“·

It took me two attempts to finally get to the summit of Needle Peak, with either a short scramble blocking my way or the weather turning against us. This photo was taken on our first visit to the area and we didn’t really know enough about the route to make it safely to the summit. But that was fine: the area we did get to explore was quite fantastic and much more mellow and enjoyable terrain, plus we got great views of Needle Peak itself!