Vancouver sunset

Just another Vancouver sunset, eh? 🙂

Just another Vancouver sunset, eh? 🙂 #sunset #beautifulbritishcolumbia #vancouverisawesome #vancity #clouds

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I don’t normally post twice in one day but THAT SUNSET! When we first moved into our apartment some years back I spent a lot of time taking sunset photos. I think I’ve covered just about every possible sunset variation, and I’ve pretty much given up on sunset photos for now – it’s quite relaxing to be content with just admiring the view with your own eyes. But every now and then there’s a sunset that catches my eye anew….



Dropping in for lunch

We were minding our own business, padding about the sand at low tide when I noticed an eagle swoop down and appear to grab a fish. I watched as it banked around, and to my surprise it landed on a small sandbank about 50 m away, rather than taking it back up into a tree. I crept closer and began taking as many photographs as I could. Just when I thought I’d be happy with these photos, its mate appeared from the top of a nearby Douglas fir and flew down to share in the spoils. The two chattered away for a bit, but there didn’t seem to be any food sharing going on – the bird that caught the fish continued to rip it apart on its own which made for a few grisly photos (even if it was just a fish). After about 10 minutes they both flew off, presumably back to the nest to feed their growing chicks. What a treat – I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing eagles.

That snow lily

A glacier lily pokes up through the melting snow to join the thousands already blooming in the sun

The season for glacier lilies is a short one, so I’m going to make the most of it by posting a few more pictures of my favourite flower 🙂 I loved finding this one poking up through the snow. Some plants actually produce heat that melts the snow above them and allows to break through and bloom. Very cool!

Morning brew

Morning brew. Use a stove for cooking in the alpine, not a fire. Way more efficient and leaves no trace!

My first Instagram video 🙂 I had to faff around importing the AVHCD stream file into Windows Movie Maker and then export it in a format that Instagram actually supports, before uploading it to Google Photos and sharing to Instagram from there. I think I’ll stick to photos.

On topic, I am a huge fan of Leave No Trace and it really annoys me to see other campers trash an otherwise pristine location. The usual offender is a fire ring, or two, or three. At least we didn’t find any up here above the treeline (although we did find a couple by one of the lakes below).

Reflection perfection

Ooh, pretty… The Joffre Group reflected in a flat calm Duffey Lake. This the same view I posted a few weeks ago, but now on a gorgeous sunny morning instead of a dull cloudy one 🙂

We were on our way up to Downton Creek for the weekend, but when we stopped here to admire the reflection we felt we could have spent the weekend here instead, just lounging around by the lake. But if ever there was a spot for a cheesy stand-up paddleboard shot, it’s here. I hope no one reads this…


King of the worm-cast castle

King of the worm-cast castle #rathtrevor #wormcast #beach #lowtide #crab #tidepools #explorebc #bcparks

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Since buying a Chromecast, I can no longer think of worm-casts in the same way as I used to…

I tried to capture the crab while it was still actually on top of the wormcast but it scuttled off as I crouched down to take its picture, and instead just stood guard at the base. Another pool of water on the beach, another irresistible reflection photo!