Pretending to be not interested in my trail mix

After watching the sunrise and moonset I went for a little hike up to Black Mountain. At the northern summit I was joined by a raven that sat on a rock and preened itself, all the while doing its best to look like it was ignoring the fact I was scoffing a few handfuls of trail mix…



Never has there been a more appropriate photo for throwback Thursday! It’s pretty darn wet here today…

It’s Thursday again and time to look back 5 years. It’s pouring with rain here in Vancouver this morning, and coincidentally so it was back in 2011. I really like this photo, even before the cyclist rode into the frame but I have to say that their presence really makes it. Vancouver in a single photo. Even in June.

In search of glacier lilies

This is why I like glacier lilies so much – when they bloom, they absolutely cover the meadow. I wrote about this in my first piece published on The Outbound – yay!

I’ve had an article at the back of my mind for some years now that explains a bit of my obsession with glacier lilies. I hadn’t found a way to write it before now, until The Outbound Collective advertised a new story-telling feature that prompted me to sign up for an account. After that, I just started writing and before long I had emptied my head of some of the things I’ve been wanting to say about glacier lilies. A bit of editing here and there, and one click on “Publish” later, and it was done.

So here it is, In Search of Glacier Lilies.

Solstice sunrise

Summer solstice moonset over Vancouver Island – welcome to summer!

OK so it’s not a picture of sunrise itself, but it was taken more or less at sunrise…

I’m not a morning person but I love mornings, and every now and again I simply have to catch a summer sunrise, even if it does mean getting up at 3:15 am. And what better a sunrise to capture than that on the summer solstice. Of course, if it was just a matter of watching the sunrise itself I can do that well enough from home or by just walking down to the beach.

But this year the solstice coincided with a full moon which meant I wanted to be somewhere where I could watch the moon set. OK yes, strictly I could have done that from home as well, but I liked the idea of watching it set over Vancouver Island. And the lookout on the way up to Cypress Bowl seemed like the perfect vantage point.

So there I was, one of only half-a-dozen cars on the Lions Gate bridge at 4 in the morning, and then one of only two cars at the lookout. The sunrise was a bust with too much cloud in the east (I was hoping for lovely light on Mt Baker), so I was doubly glad of the clear skies to the west. I have to say I enjoyed every moment of the morning, and it was especially nice to hear the dawn chorus of robins and countless other birds singing away in the trees around me.

Vancouver sunset

Just another Vancouver sunset, eh? 🙂

Just another Vancouver sunset, eh? 🙂 #sunset #beautifulbritishcolumbia #vancouverisawesome #vancity #clouds

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I don’t normally post twice in one day but THAT SUNSET! When we first moved into our apartment some years back I spent a lot of time taking sunset photos. I think I’ve covered just about every possible sunset variation, and I’ve pretty much given up on sunset photos for now – it’s quite relaxing to be content with just admiring the view with your own eyes. But every now and then there’s a sunset that catches my eye anew….


Dropping in for lunch

We were minding our own business, padding about the sand at low tide when I noticed an eagle swoop down and appear to grab a fish. I watched as it banked around, and to my surprise it landed on a small sandbank about 50 m away, rather than taking it back up into a tree. I crept closer and began taking as many photographs as I could. Just when I thought I’d be happy with these photos, its mate appeared from the top of a nearby Douglas fir and flew down to share in the spoils. The two chattered away for a bit, but there didn’t seem to be any food sharing going on – the bird that caught the fish continued to rip it apart on its own which made for a few grisly photos (even if it was just a fish). After about 10 minutes they both flew off, presumably back to the nest to feed their growing chicks. What a treat – I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing eagles.