A couple of giant Pacific octopuses 🐙 at the Seattle Aquarium. I’ve found octopuses fascinating for years – so much intelligence in such a short-lived animal – so it was very cool to be able to get such close up views of them!

This week (February 16th to 24th) was Octopus Week at the Seattle Aquarium and to be honest that was the main reason we decided to visit. We arrived just in time to catch “Meet the Octopus” where we were introduced to Bailey the female giant Pacific octopus. At first I was a little concerned as she was brought by the divers into a strange tank and attached the glass (well, perspex) for us all to gawp. Gradually she extended a few tentative tentacles out to the divers and seemed to relax and explore the environment a little bit.

The highlight was being able to get right up to the perspex and place my phone flat to cut out reflections and get a beautiful close-up view of the suction cups on her tentacles. Just amazing! The last entry is a short video of Bailey moving across the perspex, which is just hypnotic to watch.

The third and fourth photos are of a different octopus in its own tank. Even then it was content to squeeze itself into a corner and eye up the visitors as they came and went.

The rest of the aquarium was fun too, but I’ll save that discussion for the next post!

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