28 Valentines

A picture of two people admiring the view of the Athabasca Glacier from Wilcox Pass, two people who have enjoyed a few hikes together over the past 28 Valentine’s Days. Strollmates πŸ’œ

On Valentine’s Day, I found myself scrolling through Instagram seeing many photos of couples celebrating their time together. This prompted me to sift back through photos of us, pretty much all of which were taken on hikes. We have a few that we like, but I wanted something that was more about the scenery and not just a picture of the two of us.

I settled on this photo taken in Wilcox Pass back in 2009, with its grand view over the valley and the Athabasca Glacier below. It appeals to me because the fact that we are also looking at the view makes it feel like a viewer could be there with us, rather than just looking at a photo of us.

The word strollmates came to my attention via our favourite guide-book authors, Kathy and Craig Copeland (who, coincidentally, have a very similar photo of the two of them on their current home page!). I don’t know if they coined the term or heard it from someone else but they talked about finding your “strollmate”, someone with whom you want to be while hiking. I immediately felt that summed up the two of us, and I’ve since helped spread that definition to a few other fellow hikers.

This then prompted me to add up how many Valentine’s Days we’d shared. Twenty-eight. And then how many miles or kilometres we’ve walked together in that time. Thousands, many thousands. Truly, strollmates.

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