The Chase

The Chase – an adult bald eagle chases a juvenile to get it to give up the morsel in its talons, with another juvenile looking to join in.

After last week’s eagle viewing I couldn’t resist returning on a sunnier day to play with the new camera again. And to see the eagles of course! Just as before, there were dozens of eagles perched and flying; and just as before, it was difficult to know which direction to look.

It was on our return to the car that we saw some eagles in flight heading our way. I sighted up through the viewfinder and followed the scene: an adult chasing a juvenile. What I couldn’t predict was that the juvenile would let go of whatever it was holding and then the adult and a second juvenile would dive in to try and snatch it mid-air.

I don’t know if either of the eagles caught it, but it made for a spectacular sight as the eagles tumbled and dove after it. Either way, I hope it was worth the effort for them!

I still haven’t really got the hang of using the new camera for wildlife photography, as is obvious to anyone who looks closely at the third and fourth photos as they are not even remotely in focus. As a result, I’ve come up with a plan to take both the SLR and the new camera on my next visit and use each in turn. Hopefully this will allow me to determine just how much my technique plays a role in the final images. Wish me luck!

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