At the edge of the Stein

A throwback-Thursday look at our big backpacking trip of 2015, a 5-day expedition to the Lizzie-Stein divide. I already posted (most of) these photos on my hiking blog with a brief overview of the hike and the beginnings of my more in-depth daily diary, but I can’t resist posting them again as it was such a fun trip and great to look back on. I’d love to return and explore some more, especially now the first day wouldn’t be spent fighting alders.

Day 1: Lizzie Lake, a welcome sight after slogging through 10 km of overgrown logging road.

Day 2: Crystal clear Arrowhead Lake, on the Lizzie-Stein divide with Tabletop Mountain.

Day 3: Tundra Lake. Yes, it really is that blue.

Day 4: Tabletop and Anemone Mountains on the way back to Lizzie Cabin.

Day 5: Yes, this is the trail. And it was wet.

Happy International Mountain Day 🙂 Caltha Peak above its namesake lake on the Lizzie-Stein divide. Next time we’ll scramble to the summit.

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