Music and song

Another long-overdue Throwback-Thursday post, this time with the theme of music and song. I grew up in an era when taking photographs at concerts was forbidden, so it felt odd to take out my phone and try and capture parts of a performance. It helps that my phone camera is too awful to make it worth my while to even try – except occasionally I can’t resist trying 🙂

1. Rush playing Losing It with Ben Mink. Fantastic show!

I’ve been a fan for over 35 years (!) and I hadn’t really appreciated that the R40 tour was going to be their last major tour until after I’d bought last-minute tickets. I was so glad that I did buy them as it was a superb show, though I wish I’d remembered ear plugs! Perhaps the highlight was the song “Losing It” from the Signals album, a song that almost always brings a lump to my throat anyway. But to hear it played live, with Ben Mink playing the violin as he does on the album… Well, I almost lost it!

2. I’ve wanted to take this picture for ages…

Any Rush fan will instantly understand this photo. I remember noticing this number on my first ever visit to Vancouver back in 2004 and I’ve wanted an excuse to photograph every since. I even thought I’d incorporate it into my photo-a-day project back in 2011, but I always found something else to photograph instead. Part of me has the idea of going round the city and photographing all of the street numbers equal to 2112. Part of me thinks that would be a silly waste of my time. And yet, that idea still keeps coming back to me…

3. An appointment with Mr Moore.

This photo was taken the night we went to see one of our favourite blues artists, Keb’ Mo’. This concert was a bit of a let-down by comparison – it felt a little too laid back, almost to the point of feeling like the artists weren’t really trying hard enough. I dunno – maybe he was having an off night. Or maybe it was me.

4. Until tomorrow night – empty chairs after a great performance of Oliver.

When I realized just how bad my phone camera was I thought I’d be inspired to be more selective in composing photographs and that I’d try out more black and white where the awful colour rendition wouldn’t be noticed. That never really happened, but occasionally I see something that I think would work. The pleasing geometry of rows of white chairs on a dark night seemed to suit that quite well, and I like this shot. The black-and-white conversion has the added advantage of masking the general grubbiness of the chairs.

I’m not a fan of musicals, but this version of Oliver was excellent. Oh and we were told in no uncertain terms that photography was indeed forbidden for this performance, so I waited until the end to get my shot.