Shaky selfie

Turns out that standing still for 30 seconds isn’t as easy as you might think… I have a new-found appreciation for those portraits from the early days of photography!

While I was taking photos of moonlit meadows I suddenly had the idea of taking a moonlit self-portrait, just for fun. I sat down on a rock and set going a 30-second exposure. Looking at the result I laughed at how I’d moved my head several times enough to blur out my face.

Thinking I could do better, I opted for a standing photo for my next attempt, and wondered if holding my breath would keep me still. So I pressed the button on the remote shutter release and held my breath. I made it to about a count of 26 before I had to let go, but I thought I’d held still. Alas when I checked the photo I found out that I wobble when standing.

OK one last attempt – I sat down again, and held my breath again. With my lungs bursting after 25 seconds I gradually let the air out and breathed in again. This time I’d held still enough that I wasn’t smeared out – yay! But I was too close to the camera, and the lens was focussed at infinity, so I was still blurry…

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