Mt Chephren looking very photogenic above Lower Waterfowl Lake. Or should that be Lower Waterfowl Lake looking very photogenic below Mt Chephren?

A classic Rockies scene: a beautiful glacial lake and a striking summit. This photo was taken in 2011 on our tour of Banff and Jasper with my parents, and I think it may have been my Mum’s favourite spot. We had lunch at a picnic table in the campground with this view in front of us. Just beautiful…

I have two more versions of this scene that I’ll post for the next couple of Mountain Mondays.

5 thoughts on “Photogenic

  1. I think I love mountain mondays!!

    Do you know what it is that makes the water such a beautiful shade of blue?


    1. Me too 🙂 The colour is from very fine rock particles (rock flour) produced when a glacier slides over the bedrock, which then gets washed downstream into the lakes. The colour can vary from a sagey-green, to bright turquoise, through aquamarine, to deep blue depending on how much fine sediment is suspended in the water. It’s one of my favourite things to see.

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      1. Oooh I cannot wait to move to Canada! I have never seen anything like that! 🙂

        p.s. thank you for the explanation. Things are even more beautiful when you understand how they work!!


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