In flight

Today’s photo from Hawaii is of their state bird, the Nene or Hawaiian goose, captured in flight near Kilauea Point lighthouse on Kauai (nothing to do with Kilauea the volcano on the Big Island). A great place to watch and photograph birds! Happy World Wildlife day!

I generally don’t find geese that interesting, even rare ones. Sure, I marvel at the huge flocks of snow geese that descend on the Fraser River delta each winter, but it’s the flock that is the marvel not so much the geese within. And so it was with this photo – I was doing my best to capture whatever birds flew past (mostly frigate birds, red-footed boobies, and red-tailed tropicbirds), and it just so happens that a pair of nene cruised by at just the right height for me to catch them edge on. (This is only one of them: I had to crop the other out to get the photo to look like anything for Instagram.) And I have to admit, it’s now one of my favourite bird photos! 🙂