Watching creation

Day 4 of my Hawaii week and a throwback-Thursday photo from 2004 and my first look at a real live lava flow. I spent a couple of hours just watching the lava pour into the sea, the waves crashing into the new land and occasionally causing small explosions as the water instantly turned to steam on contact with the lava. A nice way to spend a Sunday šŸ™‚ šŸŒ‹

This was my second weekend of a two-week stint in Hawaii getting to know a bit about my new job working as a scientific programmer for the SCUBA-2 project. I’d been out to watch the lava the previous weekend but I didn’t see much in the fresh lava, just lots of steam so I was really happy to see it this time round.

It was mesmerizing. I found myself a comfy-ish spot on the old lava (right next to the barrier rope) and simply sat and watched, taking pictures now and again, and always hoping for more lava to break out. Eventually convinced that I wasn’t going to get anything better (after all, I had just a little Canon A80 compact camera) I wandered back along the trail to the parking before heading back to my hotel.

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