The land of waterfalls

Hawaii day 3 – getting a photo for waterfall Wednesday is too easy on Kauai. This is ‘Opaeka’a Falls, a lovely little 150-ft waterfall, as seen from the roadside overlook. I was being harassed by chickens while sizing up this photo…

Kauai is an incredible island, and has no many waterfalls to choose from! I picked this shot for today as it was the first one we saw on our visit in 2014. It’s quite a distance from the road so getting a decent photo was a challenge, especially as it was cloudy and sunset was approaching. But this one turned out OK – I like how the pool at the base of the falls is visible at the base of the left cascade. We visited a couple more waterfalls on the island, and saw many more from our helicopter flight (well worth doing!). I’ll save those for future Wednesdays.

The other thing you notice about Kauai is all the chickens. Where crows, pigeons, and seagulls are the top scavengers here in Vancouver, it is the chickens that fill that niche in Kauai. Within moments of us parking here, we had half a dozen chickens approaching us in search of food, a couple of which were hens with young chicks – the next generation in training.