Chilly sunrise

‘Twas a chilly sunrise this morning, but worth seeing the light on those North Shore mountains.

From a sunset posted yesterday, to today’s sunrise 🙂

Well, now I remember what -8 C feels like! I had a good many warm layers on this morning as I headed out to capture the sunrise light on the mountains. I’d wondered what this spot was like for getting a nice view of the city and the mountains several times, and since this is the last of the clear sunny days for a while, I figured I should take my chance and get out there to check it out. In practice, it wasn’t as good a spot as I’d hoped: the foreground features large in any wide-angle shot, and it’s pretty uninteresting. The view of the city skyline is pretty flat and distant. I was glad of the railway tracks (it looked like a giant train set from up on the viaduct) to lend some perspective and leading lines. I think this would be a better shot in the middle of the day when the light was actually on the foreground too although I think this version works well enough for me not to be in a desperate hurry to try it out. Maybe some other day.

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