Snowy Owl

Throwback to 5 years ago when the snowy owls came to visit.

It must have been a Christmas party about 10 years when I first heard someone mention that there were snowy owls spending the winter in Boundary Bay. I was enthralled and we took off down there at the earliest opportunity. Sure enough there they were – awesome! I have no photos from that visit as we had only a little point-and-shoot camera, so I was really excited to hear in late 2011 that the owls had returned. I ended up going down twice, once on my own to get this shot and again a week later to show Maria just how close to the dyke they perched. Of course, that didn’t stop some photographers traipsing off through the marshes to get an even better look (despite the signs warning against approaching the birds).

I was really surprised and, given the modest capabilities of our camera setup, relieved that the birds seemed happy to sit within about 30 metres of the pathway along the dyke. (On that note, without doubt we had the lens with the shortest reach that day! 🙂 I must have taken a hundred or more photos, the vast majority of which were either not sharp or uninteresting (or both). Thankfully a handful turned out OK, and this was one of them. How nice to have the bird looking in my direction!

Alas, they have not returned since then, though that’s (perhaps unintuitively) a good sign.