The Matterhorn of the Rockies

A few wisps of cloud drift around Mt Assiniboine, and some welcome blue sky after a soggy hike in.

Day two of our backpacking trip into the core area of Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park. We were so glad of the blue sky to cheer us up after the soggy end to the previous day. About half-way through the day, a big thunderstorm caught up with us and pelted us with cold hail. That wasn’t so bad, really, and we were below treeline at the point the thunder and lightning trundled past. But later, as we tired of the ups and downs through the Golden Valley and Valley of the Rocks, the rain returned to sap our remaining spirits. We reached the campground at Og Lake near sunset, at which point the showers turned into a downpour. Og Lake has no shelter of any kind, so we stood around in the pouring rain, miserably eating our rehydrated meals, questioning the sanity of our choice of summer vacation. We were so ready to crawl into our sleeping bags that night.

The next morning was quiet, and we even had a bit of sunshine as we packed up and moved on to the campground at Lake Magog. The rain would return later, but at least we’d managed to pack away a dry tent. And now, at least, we had access to a cook shelter to stay dry.