Multnomah Falls

Finally got to see Multnomah Falls in person! The standard photo of the falls just doesn’t come close to capturing the scale and relative heights of the two drops, and besides, you’ve all seen that view before, so I’m posting a close up of the base of the upper falls, which drop 165 m off a cliff into this little pool. Soft focus courtesy of the copious spray from the waterfall 🙂

We spent the weekend in Portland, and I was delighted to find that the Columbia River Gorge was only a half-hour drive out of the city. Even better, Multnomah Falls was one of the first falls along the gorge, and was accessible from the road. Yay! As ever, it was far better to see them in person than just rely on photographs. Almost every photo I’ve seen fails to capture the waterfall in any meaningful way. Of course, that didn’t mean that I avoided the tourist shot as it still looks impressive, especially when you haven’t seen the falls before. But as a photo that captures the feel of the falls it didn’t work for me which is why I went for this more intimate shot of the water near the base of the upper falls, snatched between clouds of spray (though the lens still ended up covered).