TensorFlow installation

I found this helpful little intro to using Google’s TensorFlow machine learning library with Python. Next step: install TensorFlow on my laptop.

A quick check of the project docs shows how it easy it is to install – I used pip. For simplicity (and the fact that I’m not planning to do any heavy ML stuff just yet) I went with the CPU-only option for Mac OSX (aka macOS since I’m on Sierra), and since I use tcsh rather than bash I used setenv to point to the TF_BINARY_URL.

But then I hit the following error:

Cannot remove entries from nonexistent file /opt/anaconda/anaconda/lib/python2.7/site-packages/easy-install.pth

A search told me that this was an issue with setuptools, but – thankfully – there is a workaround: append --ignore-installed to the installation line and hey presto, all is well.

(Funnily enough, most of the top results when searching for this error are related to installing TensorFlow. Coincidence, Google?)

After that, the tutorial examples worked just fine. Step 1 on the TF/ML learning curve…

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