In remembrance

CP-140 Aurora flyover for Remembrance Day in Vancouver. This one was actually taken in 2011 but the same plane flew past today. Dedicated to my family and friends who have served or are still serving in the armed forces.

I always like to catch the aerial flypast on Remembrance Day, at least in part because I’ve had a long-standing interest in aircraft. The first time we saw it was while we were walking on the beach. We’re fortunate in that our balcony has a good open view so I can even watch from home. Back in 2011 the RCAF got in on the flyover, sending a CP-140 reconnaissance aircraft to take part. Its flight path took it very close to our apartment and I was able to get some good close up photos such as this one.

While scanning for planes, I noticed a large aircraft heading in my direction. I could see the tell-tale exhaust trails that marked a bigger plane, and soon realized it was the Aurora again. I could have run inside to grab the camera, but today I was content to just watch as it banked slightly right over Kitsilano before making a loop over south Vancouver and back up to Burrard Inlet to fly past the Cenotaph just before 11:11 am. I followed its path and watched as it disappeared into the murk. Having had my moment of silence, I walked back inside.


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