Street scene

Typical street scene in Vancouver at this time of year.

I remember this day. As usual I’d left it too late to take a photo in good light, and all I knew was that with all the colour in the city at the moment I had to get a leafy street scene. I knew that to get the perspective I wanted (you know, that long tunnel effect) I had to use the telephoto lens. But I made the mistake of going out without my tripod and ended up having to make compromises with my camera settings and needing so many shots to get one that was acceptable. Not a single photo was sharp, and I ended up just using the least blurry.

The question is, did I learn from this? I’d like to say yes but it’s still exceedingly rare for me to take my tripod with me when going out to take photos. The only time I take it is when I know I will be taking long exposures (as in multiple seconds). But in reality, I should recognize that unless it’s a bright sunny day, I will need a tripod to get sharp images. I’m saying that out loud so I try and remember next time!

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