Water falling

Nairn Falls for waterfall Wednesday from a mini road trip back in April. I imagine there have been a few personal waterfalls since last night…

Well to say I’m dumbfounded is an understatement. I don’t wade into political “discussions” on the Internet because quite frankly it’s pointless. (I’m always stunned at how entrenched people’s views are and how unpleasant they can be in defending those points of view, so quick to fall back on insults rather than evidence.) But last night’s election result is a potential disaster for the US, and the world. To see someone so bigoted and offensive elected to the most powerful position in the world speaks loudly of the values of those who voted for him.

Why use a word like disaster? This is a man who sees climate change as a conspiracy, and has voiced support for ignoring or reducing environmental protection, as well as stripping away the rights of those who are not heterosexual males. All of these positions fall straight into the hands of other world leaders who can now point at the US and think that they too don’t need to bother with those. At a time when it felt like the world was moving forward on helping all of humanity, the US has taken a step back, and there’s concern that it could potentially take further steps back.

And that’s the final word on politics here. There are many more extensive, more eloquent, and better-reasoned opinions out there.

I was really glad to get back to Nairn Falls this spring as it’s been a while. Unlike many of the other Sea-to-Sky waterfalls, getting to these means a longer walk – it’s about a mile from the parking lot – so it’s less likely to be a casual stop. After a quiet night in our tent, I had the walk up to the falls to myself and enjoyed being out there in the early(ish) morning. I didn’t have much time to size up my shots as much as I would have liked, but at least I could wander around without other people getting in the way!

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