Golden avenue

An avenue of yellow tulip poplars on 10th Ave, one of my favourite deciduous trees as they remind me of hiking in Shenandoah in the fall. Here, the leaves tend to be a little more burnished rather than the bright yellow of the Appalachians but they’re still pretty, especially in afternoon sunshine.

I still vividly remember our first visit to Shenandoah National Park in the autumn of 2000. I was expecting to see red and gold trees, and was a little disappointed to find nothing but bright yellow. Later I learned that these vivid yellow leaves were from the tulip poplar, a tree that came to be my favourite on the east coast of the US. So when we moved way out west to Vancouver, I was really pleased to find this row of poplars and looked forward to seeing the leaves turn in the autumn. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t turn yellow but I really can’t complain when they take on this wonderful golden colour instead!

Back to today. I was on my way home from the beach and realized that it was sunny, and decided to check out this avenue (in both senses of the word). Lo and behold, the trees were still covered in leaves, and the sunshine was lighting them up. I pulled in behind a car, and noticed another photographer who’d pulled over to get the same shots. (Turns out he was actually shooting film, and was wanting to use up the roll.) But I wasn’t entirely happy with the shots I was getting – somehow I was having difficulty lining things up right (which could have been down to the fact I was waiting for gaps in traffic) – so I drove a bit further along 10th and decided to shoot in the other direction instead. This worked really well – the gaps between cars were longer so I had more time to compose, and I really like the way the road disappears into the trees as it heads up the hill. The only downside to this photo is having to crop it vertically to fit on Instagram. But that’s where Flickr comes in: see the full version here.