Deadly beauty

It’s a wet Wednesday, perfect for waterfall photos, such as this one of Twin Falls that I took yesterday. I held my camera over the fence (it makes a good support for long-ish exposures) but clearly that wasn’t good enough for some folks as the mesh of the fence had been ripped out so they could get a better view. Personally I was happy to keep to the wet slippery rocks on the safe side 🙂

I discovered this waterfall some years ago and I love going back to get a photo every now and again, especially after a good downpour. It’s in a really treacherous part of Lynn Canyon – though it seems odd saying that as it’s all pretty treacherous! That aside, I noticed a couple of things that were new on this visit compared with the last time I was here at the end of 2013. The first was the number of warning signs, including a water danger level (set to “deadly”). The second was that the safety fence had been damaged in places so people could get a closer, unobstructed view of the falls and the pool below, which I suspect is people doing it for the ‘Gram. I’ll be honest, there is one point on the fence that I’d be tempted to hop (hop, not rip apart mind you), but only when it’s dry – the rocks are really greasy in the wet. But then, when it’s dry, the waterfall probably isn’t as spectacular, so maybe I won’t do it after all.

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