Between sea and sky

Things that Kits Pool is good for in the off-season: sunset reflections.

As soon as the pool closes, the birds move in and it becomes a veritable no-go zone for people. (Apart from being closed to visitors, there is so much bird poop on the ground that it would be a distinctly unpleasant place to be.) But tonight I caught the pool still full, and empty of birds so it was completely still. I really liked the way the street lamps looked like they were continuous, and the blending of the pool and the sea beyond. I first noticed that blending effect a few years ago, and took a very similar photo, albeit on a warm summer evening. I think today’s photo is actually nicer though, with a simpler composition and fewer distractions.

A Brief Respite

A brief respite from the grey.

I was walking back from my personal training session and ended up walking along 10th Avenue rather than Broadway for a change. The rain had stopped during the hour I was in the gym and I was enjoyed the sunshine and blue sky on the walk home. At this intersection I had a clear view of the yellow-leaved tree and the blue sky and despite only having my phone on me, I just had to take the shot. It’s recovered fairly well, certainly good enough for Instagram. I’ve given up on taking photos with my phone as the camera is just so poor (especially compared with our other cameras), plus Google changed all the image editing tools to take away some of the features I’d enjoyed fiddling with. But sometimes it’s good enough, and – let’s face it – the photos are immediately available to share, something that the big camera companies are still barely working out.