Vertical rain

Now that’s more like the Vancouver rain we know and love!

Last Friday we lost power for 9 hours thanks to high winds bringing down a tree branch onto a nearby power line. Saturday’s storm was forecast to be even stronger and wetter, but thankfully it blew itself out before it hit Vancouver. And so by Sunday the winds had eased off and the rain returned to its vertical self. I was mesmerized by the raindrops hitting the deep green water that was doing little more than just lap at the beach and couldn’t resist shooting a short video clip. I would have shot for longer but the camera doesn’t like being rained on. I should get a waterproof cover for it, or perhaps carry an umbrella.

While Vancouver’s incessant rain is not exactly cheery, there are days I don’t mind it here as it tends to fall straight from the sky. The rain of the past few stormy days has felt most un-Vancouver-like. I’m not a fan of horizontal rain, which is often how it “falls” in the UK – and I must admit that I don’t miss that at all!