The Larch

I didn’t get to see the larches this year, so here’s a throwback Thursday shot from the most perfect day out back in 2011 where we had deep blue skies, golden larches and a dusting of snow.

We’ve been out to Manning Park to see the golden larches a couple of times now, but we haven’t been back since this visit mostly because it was such a perfect day that we’re spoiled and will only go back again on a day that’s at least as good! Or one on which we actually make it to the summit of Frosty Mountain. However, what I’d really love to do is visit the Rockies (or Cathedral Lakes) in larch season. Backpacking around Sunshine Meadows, Mt Assiniboine, or along the Rockwall would be fantastic if the weather was right.

Back to this day, and I’ve looked back through our photos a couple of times and this one still stands out as one of my favourites. The sun was at the right angle (ha ha – get it?) to maximize the deep blue sky with the polarizer and intensify the yellow, and the neighbouring trees of different sizes made for a great comparison. Given how long they live and how slowly they grow, I wonder how old these trees are?


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