Capilano Falls

I have no idea if this is a natural waterfall as it’s just downstream of the Cleveland dam near the Capilano fish hatchery, but it’s quite pretty. Further downstream I watched a fisherman land an enormous salmon – it was longer than his legs! Can’t even begin to guess its weight…

The water level in the river was really low, the flow from the dam was almost non-existent, and yet this little waterfall was flowing like it’d been raining all day. Once again I was thankful for the railing of a viewing platform to act as a tripod so I could get a nice long exposure. I must have spent over two hours wandering the trails in the park, admiring the greenery and watching the salmon. Very peaceful, despite there being quite a few people (even on a Tuesday afternoon).

Don’t be misled by the title of this post – as far as I know there is no waterfall called Capilano Falls, it was just a convenient title 🙂