Brandywine Falls

Cloudy days have their upsides – can you see the person sitting at the top of the falls?

I’ve taken more than a few photos of this waterfall but somehow it’s always been a sunny (or at least bright) day. On the plus side that means I’ve often captured a rainbow. Today Jen and I called in after our hike to Joffre Lakes and as I was sizing up my shots, I realized that the light level was low enough for me to get a longer exposure. So I dropped the ISO down to 100, closed the aperture down and put the polarizer in front of the lens. All this got me a half-second exposure – perfect, though I really had to work to keep the camera steady against the railing. But I managed (thankfully there weren’t any people walking around on the wooden platform) and I’m really quite pleased with the photo.

Then I noticed the person sitting at the top of the falls… I’ve stood near that point and I can promise you it’s a pretty scary place to be. But on the plus side, remember what I was saying about getting a sense of scale with waterfalls? That person at the top immediately makes the 70-m (230-foot) drop look like a long way. For that, I’m grateful to whomever they are.

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