Evening light

The clouds begin to clear as the sun goes down. Time to get cozy! But not with a campfire, especially in sensitive alpine areas, and even more especially when there’s a perfectly comfortable hut only 50 m away. If you haven’t guessed, I’m not a fan of backcountry campfires as they’re not in keeping with the principles of “Leave No Trace”. And besides – you can’t see the stars if you’re dazzled by such a bright light! Bring extra clothes instead 🙂

I’ll spare you my usual rant about campfires in the alpine and just direct your attention to the gorgeous evening light hitting the clouds above Mt Matier and Joffre Peak. Well, I would if this photo even came close to doing the scene justice. Despite the advances in camera and processing technology, it’s still hard to capture the full range of light in a single shot.

Moments later the light had gone and the chill descended, at which point we settled in to the hut for dinner and conversation with our fellow hikers.

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