Motel 66

Postcard from Motel 66: a group of climbers discussing the route up to Joffre and Matier.

Back in October 2008 we visited Keith’s Hut and the Cerise Creek area for a weekend, and came away a little underwhelmed. So it was with a little bit of trepidation that we ventured back with the aim of making it to the summit of Vantage Peak. The day we hiked in was a bit dull and grey, and we figured we didn’t have the time to make the summit. I’d read about this place called Motel 66 which served as a staging point for mountaineers heading for Mount Matier and Joffre Peak. Looking at the map I could see it wasn’t too far, so we headed up to find it. It was an easy climb up and gave us great views along the way. But it was cold – brr! We pulled on some layers and sat and soaked in the view before heading back down for dinner in the hut.