The back of the Yak

Gorgeous Yak Peak from a nearby bump we called the Naklet. Sitting at the summit with our feet over the edge wasn’t as scary as it looks.

On Monday of this week I went out with a Wanderung group to Yak Peak. I’ve not been particularly drawn to this hike before because its stats match those of the Grouse Grind: 850 m elevation gain over about 3 km. But this hike couldn’t be further from the Grind, and I must admit I enjoyed pretty much every step along the way. It was an excellent hike. Sure, it’s short and steep, and it starts off with 15 minutes of walking alongside a busy highway, but the scenery is stupendous, the climb was never boring, and the terrain just invited further exploration. So that’s what we have to do next time: get up and explore some more. A fantastic day out!