Happy Birthday NPS!

Happy 100th Birthday to the US’ National Park Service. It’s been a pleasure to meet your parks! 🙂 This is El Capitan of course, and another throwback Thursday shot to May 2003.

A real throwback picture this time, taken in May 2003 with our first digital camera. We’d taken advantage of my final trip to Hat Creek in northern California and had a week’s holiday in and around the Sierras, taking in Yosemite, King’s Canyon, Sequoia, and Death Valley national parks. We instantly fell in love with the area, though our exploration options were limited by time and weather (it was still pretty snowy in the mountains). But it was quite something to see such famous scenery with our own eyes, especially El Capitan and Half Dome. We need to go back and explore some more…

Tranquil lake

Another throwback-Thursday shot from 2011 – enjoying the view over Tenquille Lake and over towards the next day’s destination, Mt McLeod.

Tenquille Lake had been on our to-go list for years but we knew the road required a high-clearance (and possibly 4×4) vehicle. In June 2011 we bought a 1999 Honda CR-V and this was the first trip where we tried out its capabilities. Mostly it passed with flying colours though fully loaded with 5 hikers and overnight gear it struggled in a couple of places. We bottomed out in a couple of spots, and I needed to be a little bit aggressive in one section to get the car over a rough bit but it was so satisfying to make it to the trailhead alongside some bigger SUVs and pickups.

Most of all I still remember the feeling of getting through that first water bar… I think we all cheered!