Tasty Lake

This area gets more popular every year. Back in 2011 it was possible to camp here and be the only group. I’m not sure that’s true any more – we had planned to backpack here on the weekend of 23/24 July but changed plans once we saw a group of at least a dozen setting off as we pulled up… It’s a wilderness camping area with no facilities but I suspect it’s now in need of an outhouse to keep things clean.

After setting up our tents, four of us set off up onto the Flatiron for a gentle ramble with scenic highlights. This was the view back down towards the tents. As we arrived, part of the cornice on the snowpatch below broke off and rumbled down the snow slope – the fragments can just be seen on the lower slopes near the lake. Our plan for the next day was to summit Needle Peak. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas and we awoke to thick fog and limited visibility – not the kind of day for climbing a peak! And so I was thwarted again in attempting to get to the peak, but I finally made it in 2015, and it was worth it – it’s a fun scramble (if nervy in a couple of spots) and the views are simply stunning. Can’t wait to go back – on a quieter day.

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