Fairy glen

It’s waterfall/wildflower/wildlife Wednesday, so I’m posting one of each from our Cape Scott trip. This little fairy glen waterfall was the source of our drinking water at San Josef Bay. It might look pretty here but it was the colour of tea, and had a taste to match!

We’d been warned about the state of the water on the Cape Scott Trail. At San Josef Bay, we had to hike through to the western end of the second beach to find this little trickle. But what a pretty little trickle! I loved the double cascade and the way the water foamed slightly and how it spread out over the surface. It was tricky keeping the camera steady enough for this as it’s about a quarter of a second exposure. I find it much easier to brace myself when using the SLR for these kinds of photos; holding the little compact camera out in front of me (and in portrait orientation) required me to be very calm and relaxed, and to remember the trick of taking the picture as I exhaled. Of the 4 that I took, it was my second shot that was the winner.

Then there was the matter of the water that we’d filtered – it truly was the colour of weak tea but I have to say the taste was much milder than I expected, so we were quite able to drink it straight from our Platypuses.

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