Cape Scott

Cape Scott 2016: 60 km of coastal rainforest and beach hiking. Six days of beautiful sandy beaches, the waves lulling us to sleep, eagles & ospreys, water the colour of tea, and a bear that didn’t want to be disturbed from its beach breakfast! 🙂

Not much I can add to that really – I was blown away by how nice it was, and the trip far exceeded my expectations. We weren’t expecting to see sand dollars, but of course they’re still a novelty for us so we couldn’t help but collect a few of the best specimens on the beach. It’s not for us to take them home so we thought we’d just take a photo to remind ourselves, especially as we’d collected a nice array of different sizes. Initially I was just going to line them up in size order, but then I got the idea to create a spiral pattern. Maria then added the words, and finally the little heart in the middle 🙂 That pretty much sums up how we felt about the trip.

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