Wapta Falls

It’s Wapta waterfall-Wednesday – an easy couple of km walk brings you to a viewpoint over the falls, and a few more minutes gets you down at river level for this view

It was a bright day, so for me to get the flowing-water shot I knew I wanted, I had to set the ISO as low as possible (Lo1 on our D5000), set the aperture to f/22, and use our polarizer as a neutral density filter to get the exposure time to be the quarter-second or so I needed. Of course, it would have been easier if I’d had a tripod too but that’s always safely stored at home… The downside to such a small aperture is that it shows up the junk on the sensor – that little dark spot above the falls is one. I really should clean the sensor – after all, it’s a 7-year old camera now!

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