Becher to it

Not much of a view from Mt Becher today, but still a lovely hike through subalpine forest

It’s the start of our holiday and of course the sunshine by the coast gave way to clouds in the mountains. And not just any clouds, clouds at the perfect height to obscure the views. Still, we enjoyed the hike, and it reminded us how much we liked the terrain of the Forbidden Plateau. I attempted a few misty meadow shots but none really grabbed me. In the end I liked the simplicity of this view of tall trees and little people.

Purple penstemon

Purple penstemon near First Brother along the Heather Trail

We were running out of time on our foray up the Heather Trail so I jogged on to see if I could find any remaining patches of glacier lilies. I didn’t find any but I did find this perfect patch of purple penstemon (trying saying that five times fast!), a notoriously difficult flower to capture. Even better, I could get the shot with the ridge of the First Brother in the background, one of the highlights of hiking the Heather Trail. Alas we didn’t have time to venture up there this time.


A multitude of Mobi, minus 5

The new bike-share scheme in Vancouver has just launched – finally. This rack of bikes still had a sign saying it was for founders only so I guess it’ll be another couple of weeks before it’s fully open to the public. Five bikes were in use. I hope it takes off and leads to improvements to the local cycling infrastructure without leading to more petty squabbles between car drivers and other road users…

Seaside snake

Seaside garter snake for this week’s throwback Thursday, July 2011

Believe me, I was as surprised to find a snake on the rocks at low tide as you probably are. I’m pretty sure this one was quite young as it was much smaller than many garter snakes I’ve seen. It was also very calm and patient and let me get close enough to use our telephoto lens to take its picture.

Wapta Falls

It’s Wapta waterfall-Wednesday – an easy couple of km walk brings you to a viewpoint over the falls, and a few more minutes gets you down at river level for this view

It was a bright day, so for me to get the flowing-water shot I knew I wanted, I had to set the ISO as low as possible (Lo1 on our D5000), set the aperture to f/22, and use our polarizer as a neutral density filter to get the exposure time to be the quarter-second or so I needed. Of course, it would have been easier if I’d had a tripod too but that’s always safely stored at home… The downside to such a small aperture is that it shows up the junk on the sensor – that little dark spot above the falls is one. I really should clean the sensor – after all, it’s a 7-year old camera now!

Sunset colours

Great clouds behind Grouse tonight

As I’ve said before, it takes something good to get me to pick up the camera for a sunset these days. Having said that, I don’t think this photo really captures how it appeared – I’ll probably reprocess it more to my liking for putting up on Flickr. I loved the way the clouds bubbled up out of nowhere behind Grouse, and disappeared just as quickly once the sun had set.

Flower Madness

Flower madness on the Heather Trail

Few places can match the Heather Trail for such great rewards for relatively little effort. Wildflowers galore, expansive views in all directions, and gently sloping terrain. Mix in a little bit of sunshine and it’s all kinda perfect really.