Room with a view

Room with a view – it was nice to celebrate National Trails Day by meeting the folks who’d built the trail we hiked to get here. Thank you!

We weren’t really expecting to get out on a backpacking trip so early in the season, but I was inspired by a recent visit to this area by a friend (whose photos showed the snow disappearing fast) and by my glacier lily sightings from earlier in the week. More on the glacier lilies we saw here in future posts, but after a long drive it almost felt like cheating to spend so little time hiking to reach the alpine and set up our tent in a nice dry snow-free patch of meadow.

The order of the day was definitely relaxation, and so rather than try and bag any peaks, we just hung out. The sun was warm (almost too warm!), the nearby creek was the perfect volume, the flowers were blooming all over the place, and there were no bugs to bite us! We couldn’t believe our luck. Of course, camping so high (we were at 2150 m or 7050 ft) it got pretty chilly after the sun went down but we were cosy enough in our tent.

I was almost tempted to claim a summit, but I just couldn’t be bothered to move as the following day dawned. A fantastic leisurely and relaxing weekend 🙂

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