Look what I found!

Look what I found! 🙂 My first glacier lily of the year, near the summit of Thurston Peak. One of about 50 flower types we saw yesterday – the summer bloom is well underway! A glorious day of hiking finished off with great pie at Chilliwack airport.

What more can I say, really? The patch of glacier lilies I knew that grew on Elk itself was long past flowering, though the chocolate lilies were pretty much at their peak. Our goal was to reach the summit of Thurston (on my 5th visit here), but at the back of my mind was the chance that we might see some of my favourite flowers where the snow was lingering. About 50 m short of the peak (such as it is…) I saw my first glacier lily of 2016. Yay! I let the others go on while I picked my way through the spring beauty to get my obligatory lily shots. Of course, when I joined them at the summit I saw even more 🙂 And, just like those on Zoa Peak that I saw last year, they were tiny! Some of the flowers were barely the size of my thumb.

And then to top it all off, we got pie at the airport. Oh, and the views from Elk were quite nice too! A pretty good day in my books 🙂

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