Wild strawberries! I’ve seen the flowers so often but the berries only rarely so this little patch was a treat. It was tempting to try them but in the end I thought the squirrels needed them more than me.

Wild strawberries grow all over the place in southwest BC, from sea-level up to the sub-alpine. I see the leaves and the flowers but only very rarely have I seen the actual fruit. The first time was on a hike in Wells Gray provincial park, and then again near Lake O’Hara. Apart from that strawberry sightings have been pretty much non-existent.

This little patch was on one of the western paths in Stanley Park in the section that suffered so badly in the storm of 2006. About a dozen strawberry plants were in simultaneous flower and fruit, and it was so very tempting to pick them. Then I remembered two things: 1) the fruit was at ankle level, which means dog level and everything that implies; and 2) that I can buy strawberries at almost any time of year (especially right at this moment) and I really didn’t need anything to eat at that point, whereas the animals that call Stanley Park home only have this little window of opportunity to feast on strawberries. So I left them alone. It just felt like the right thing to do.