A sunny afternoon hike

I find that the sooner I post photos of a hike, the sooner I tend to write a trip report. That’s definitely true of Sunday’s trip on some less well-known hiking trails on the flanks of Hollyburn. A very pleasant way to spend a few hours on a sunny Sunday for sure. I need to find a way to start including a map of my hikes too.

Photos are on Flickr, and the full write-up is on Being. Outdoors.

Minnekhada wanderings

I finally uploaded some photos to Flickr from our walk around Minnekhada Regional Park back in March, which inspired me to finish the “story” section of the blog post. A very pleasant couple of hours on a sunny spring day. Check out the full post at Being. Outdoors.


Patience – a great blue heron waits for the right moment

A walk along the seafront on a cloudy day, and an experiment with a high-ish key photo. With our various compact cameras, I was always careful to not blow out highlights if I could help it, though this often resulted in shots that were mildly to seriously under-exposed. The SLR I used for this photo also tends to underexpose but after several years of looking at histograms I realized I needed to push up the highlights to make it more realistic, and then a bit more to give it a high-key look. It’s not a true high-key picture, so I may go back and play with the raw file to see if I can find a look that I like. One day…

Earlier in the walk we watched a seal splash around in the water, slapping its tail and breaching. Pretty cool. The heron never moved.