Cheam sunrise

A different view for Mountain Monday – the Cheam Range at dawn on May Day morning, 110 km to the east

Speaking of mountain crushes, I had one on the left-most peak of the Cheam Range visible in the photo above, none other than the range’s namesake peak, Mount Cheam. For a couple of years I would try and get photos of it from every vantage point possible, including from Vancouver and the North Shore. Indeed, I vividly remember one sunny March afternoon, driving down the hill on 4th Ave and seeing the gleaming white wedge of Cheam, seeming to be so clear and striking despite being so far away. It could be my mind played a trick on me, because I’ve never seen the view up the Fraser Valley as clear again.

My obsession with Cheam has waned a little as I’ve taken about as many photos as I can without putting in more effort to find new vantage points. But I still notice it, and it called to me on this glorious May Day morning…